In the times when there was almost nothing in Warsaw that was not destroyed by war, leader of the Soviet Union “donated” this building to the city. Many citizens got used to its appearance and its function. Yet, there are people for whom this building looks like a spaceship, ready to be launched, as in Cape Canaveral. If you wish to learn more about, among others:

  • How it was constructed,
  • To whom did the children from Warsaw address letters sent prior to Christmas,
  • What is the history of the first Rolling Stones concert behind the Iron Curtain,
  • What was happening in the vicinity of the Palace,

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The walk lasts approx. 1.5 h, (with possibility to visit the terrace on the 30th floor, at 114 metres (374 ft), well-known tourist attraction with a panoramic view of the city, immediately after the walk, lasting additional 0.5 h