Shortly after his birth, small Fryderyk moved with his family to Warsaw, where he spent the first 20 years of his life. Without any doubt, he was one of the greatest composers in the world. Often referred to as simply the “poet of the piano”. Pride of Warsaw and Mazowsze. The man of multiple talents, as well as an interesting personality.

If you wish to learn more about, among others:

  • What had really played in his heart?
  • Where did young Chopin learn?
  • Who was his father, Mikołaj?
  • What did he get from the Tsar of Russia?
  • Where did he buy fashionable clothes?
  • Where did he learn foreign languages?
  • Where did he go for secret dates?
  • Upon his death, in what circumstances was his heart brought to Poland?

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The walk lasts approx. 2.5 h,
(with possibility to visit Chopin Museum immediately after the walk, lasting additional 1 h)