The Faras Gallery is the only gallery in Europe with exposition of the early Christian exhibits brought from Nubia (present borderline of Sudan and Egypt).  The exhibition was established under Unesco patronage.  It is the result of the work of Polish archeologists, who were saving the exhibits against being flooded during the construction of a dam on the Nile.  Contact us, if you want to:

  • See unique 18th century frescos from the cathedral,
  • See digital reconstruction of the cathedral interiors,
  • See the rich collection of crucifixes,
  • See the unique white slab.

The Unique Faras Gallery was awarded with Sybilla Grand Prix 2014, Sybila 2014 in the category „Historical and archeological Exhibitions” and the MUSE Awards was awarded by The American Alliance of Museums.

Feel free to contact us.

The walk lasts approx. 1.5 h